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The patented software controlling the EsCam™ has detected images of naughty bits that honest, decent people would rather not see. If you are sure that you would want to continue then do so at your own risk. Our lawyers have advised us that to stay on the good side of the law in several states, counties and countries, we should make an effort to ensure that you are not a minor. Therefore we have to ask you for some credit card details. The card will be validated, but you will not be charged and no details pertaining to the B.I.S.S. website will appear on your credit card statement. We apologise for having you do all this, but we would like to stay out of jail.

Please read our privacy policy before submitting the form.

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I understand that not only is this form entirely unsecure, but that I will deserve everything that's coming to me. By agreeing to this I am absolving the B.I.S. of any blame for anything ever done to me, it's all my own fault. I understand that the B.I.S. will not charge my credit card, but, hey!! I'm so stupid/rich* I don't really care.
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