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Author: codefusion Message #: 42449
Subject: BI FAQ Proposal

First up, this applies to everybody, posters here, lurkers, occasional visitors, first timers, everybody.

Hands up (one, in the air, before you start getting unruly), who thinks this board could do with a FAQ.

Mmmmm, lots of hands went up there I see.

Okay put your hands down again.

Next question, hands up (as above) if you want to volunteer to do it.

Not so many this time, none in fact, wait......who's that at the back? .....

Yes, Ez ?

You say that you need the bathroom ?

Couldn't you have gone before we started ?

Okay then, but hurry up, I'm going to explain the plan next.

OK, here's the plan then.

Stage 1 - The questions

What questions should be answered in the FAQ ?
They must be plenty of suggestions out there, let's see them.

Frivolous questions, serious questions, questions cribbed from other FAQs (or TLAs :-) ), easy questions, hard questions, rhetorical questions, any questions, after all what is a FAQ without questions!

Post then here or e-mail them to me or even better both.

Next we'll need some answers.

Stage 2 - The answers

Where do the answers come from ?

From you!!! All of you. When you mail me your questions (or, if you don't have questions, just mail me), I'd like you to tell me if you would be prepared to answer some of the received questions. Obviously, it depends on the number of questions and volunteers I get, but I would guess that answering about 3 or 4 questions each sounds about right.

I'll allocate the questions to each answerer randomly, then it's up to you to mail me your answers, don't post them on the board just mail them to me, let's keep the answers as suprises.

What sort of answers do we want ?

Any. Like the questions, frivolous, serious, true, false, silly, long, short, whatever you want, if you don't want to answer the question you get, it doesn't matter, just answer the other ones.

I may even send some questions to more than one answerer, just for variety.

I'll then compile the questions and answers into a post and post it as the FAQ, I'll credit all the answers to the appropiate answerer, but probably not the questions.

Remember, I would like everyone to contribute, this will make it a truly unique and entertaining, and perhaps even informative FAQ, so spread the word and tell your friends.

How does that sound ?
Will it work ?

and finally...

Any questions?



This was originally posted to the British Invasion message board of The Motley Fool. Since all the message boards of The Motley Fool (US) are now only available to subscribers we have brought the post here to preserve the integrity of the FAQ. We apologise for any incovenience caused.

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