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Thu 28 Jun 2001 11:14PM
To Baby Invader

Sadly lowering the urinals would mean I exceed the measly budget that UKBB assigns to me. To tell the truth the money is there but it would mean forgoing the rubber ducks ear-marked for the soon-to-be-opened pool. I can provide you with a box to stand on though.
Baby Invader

Thu 28 Jun 2001 12:04PM
Well said Ciggles.

The website is excellent and great fun.

Now if only they would lower the urinals at HQ everything would be hunky-dorey. I keep having stand on tiptoes and put one hand on the wall (yes I know the walls are damp!) to have a pee pee.

ta ta for now


Wed 27 Jun 2001 07:42PM
Thank you Mizzie,
It was a great competition and I thought every caption was a winner!
Conratulations too to Pat and Tony for all the work they put into BISWebMaster.

Tue 26 Jun 2001 03:13AM
A thousand congratulations for winning the BIS
Caption Competition! I enjoyed your caption
and give you a standing ovation! Here's to
you! - Luv, Mizzie

Sun 24 Jun 2001 07:58PM
I'd hate to see you shaved and with a mustasche Jane. Still, duty calls and you must do what you feel fit for your undercover ops!

Best of luck to you.

Emma Smile

Wed 20 Jun 2001 11:27AM
I love my photo but what if I've been recognised! Do you think a shaven head and moustache might do for future undercover work?


Tue 5 Jun 2001 12:21PM
Re: the fine Nevadan blue navel lint.

I guess we can put up the price of Mount Rushmore now! Smile

Sun 3 Jun 2001 03:49PM
Re: The BIS "Special Collection" -- the belly
button lint (fluff) that is available will do
very nicely for Mount Rushmore's eyes. This is
a Code-suggestion (from Codey) and is one that
I have to consider, particularly since I see
the encryption possibilities -- but that is how
the Codeman operates -- he never reveals all
data, the messages are hidden for security
purposes. What a faithful devoted trooper!
God Save the Queen!

Sat 2 Jun 2001 02:34AM
It was such an honor to be decorated by the
great Colonel Lawrence! The ceremony was more
than I could bare -- er-r-r bear -- and I note
that the photo of the decoration is quite
appropriate since it all has to do with
hanging. That is, oh dear (sniff), thank you
once again for such recognition. The BIS
stands out like Titanya's chest and -- I mean
it's such an outstanding group -- (sigh) --
kizzee, kizzee.....

Fri 1 Jun 2001 09:25PM
Whambam adds his name to the list. I'm on a mission for Double Gold Star. Nice to be a member of the team.

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