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Colonel Lawrence

Tue 9 Oct 2001 07:26PM
Permission granted.
Leave the light on though.
I'll catch up on some shuteye, but want the troops to know the old place is still inhabited.
Seargant Jo

Tue 9 Oct 2001 06:42PM
Oh you do know Exeter so well! I'm still searching for the rolling acres of free money...but I haven't checked the local treacle mines yet....I'll catch you up at the new camp. Permission to leave Colonel
Colonel Lawrence

Tue 9 Oct 2001 06:22PM
Well this camp looks exactly like the last one?
Even the same graffiti about Pat and Ez and the castle; didn't even know they could play chess.
Well I'm not unpacking this time, sure as eggs are eggs we'll be on the move again soon.
Not sure that BISS WebMaster is correctly named?
Maybe Master BISS Web?

Sun 7 Oct 2001 10:49PM
My duffel is all packed. Missing the small pic of Dolly and Ez. Where did I last place it. Oh Col L I'm comming right after you. Drat! I hate being the last one to leave camp. Shutting the gate and waving goodbye to the old site. We must move forward and tidy up a bit when we get to the new place. Ah yes, the spit and polish is packed too!

ps Hope codey remembered the beer and Heinz the chocolate. Mizzie must have brought some pies.
Colonel Lawrence

Sat 6 Oct 2001 08:49PM
Squadron 'shun!
Present arms!
No not your arm, arms; your arms!
Slope arms!
At ease.
We are moving camp men (and non-camp men and women).
When I dismiss you I want you to collect all your things and move to the new camp.
Don't forget the Pamela Anderson ascii Ez, wouldn't want the next tenants finding those engravings.
Been a pretty good camp, but I'm sure the next one will be at least as good.
All right troop -
Fall out.
Col. Lawrence.

Wed 3 Oct 2001 04:31PM
No, no, please don't shave your chest, Col.L.
You have to use a hot iron to make the transfer transfer and anyway I like hairy chests!!
I stuck mine on the front of a white ,( dry), T shirt .
Colonel Lawrence

Tue 2 Oct 2001 09:08PM
Maybe I could shave my chest and wear it next to my heart?

What did you do RSM Ciggles?

Col. L.

Tue 2 Oct 2001 07:21PM
Congratulations Col.L. on all your funny captions, especially the winning one, and your wonderful speech.
I think you will receive a world famous BIS have to buy your own T shirt!!

Tue 2 Oct 2001 01:14PM
Congratulations, Colonel, on your win!
You made a fine speech!
Now we know why Mizzie-the-Camel will follow
you anywhere!
A toast to you!
(not the camel, who doesn't know how to type)
Colonel Lawrence

Mon 1 Oct 2001 05:19PM
Oh thank you, thank you.
I don't know what to say.
(reaching in pocket for spontaneous speach)

First I'd like to thank my Mum (US version = Mom) and Dad (US version = the chap that was very fond of Mom), without whom I wouldn't have been possible.

And I'd like to thank their Mums and Dads who begat them and the Mums and Dads who ... ; you get the idea.

And I'd like to thank the BIS Academy for arranging the Competition and this glorious, if rather private Awards Ceremony.

And I must thank my voter - thank you BIS Web Supremo.

And of course, how could I forget you all?
I'd like to thank you all - my compatriots in arms.
Without you all, I wouldn't be spending my time on these silly pastimes, I'd probably be on a street corner right now.....

(pause for sobbing; crys of "No!" from the audience. Is audience the correct term for a singular audience?)

I Thank You All - I Really Do! (mimicking The Mask).

What is the prize - it seems a very small envelope for a T-Shirt?

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