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Sun 18 Nov 2001 02:11PM
Hi Mizzie,
I've got my internet connection back and find that you are missing Frown Hope your problems are sorted soon and you're back posting.
PS. Heinz told me to be patient too - it's not always easy though Smile
codey <reporting the l

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Mon 19 Nov 2001 12:19AM
Hello Mizzie,
It's possible that you've hit a TMF limit, the only solutions at the moment (until TMF fix it) are to either post with a doppel, or set up a board in the UK and post there. It's being discussed both on BI and Improve the Fool since Ez brought it to everybody's attention in both places.

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Sat 17 Nov 2001 11:01PM
Hallo Mizzie, just found out about your problems. I'm sorry to hear that! Hopefully you are getting back soon!!! Take care and be patient. Techies aren't that fast at times Eeeeeeek!

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Sat 17 Nov 2001 07:41PM
Hello Mizzie,
You've probably already seen that Ez has posted on Improve the Fool, and TMFBogey has the techies looking into it. In the meantime, feel free to stop by here whenever you like and post, I'm sure eveyone will keep an eye on it now they know where to find you.


Sat 17 Nov 2001 04:32PM
Hi Mizzie,
Sorry to hear about your posting troubles.
Look forward to your return , which I hope will be soon.Keep trying!

Colonel Lawrence

Sat 17 Nov 2001 03:43PM
Hi Mizzie,
We know you are with us!

Sat 17 Nov 2001 02:18PM
Oh Mizzie, I am so glad you posted to this guestbook. We have been concerned about you and are pleased to hear you are about the boards but not pleased to hear you cannot post. Is there something you would care to ask TMF and we could get codey to post it for you and see what can be done?

Please let us know.

Fri 16 Nov 2001 04:14AM
Hello Invaders.
Since Tuesday morning, I have not been able to
post on the boards at TMF. I have no idea what
this is about. When I type a message and hit
"submit" button, the message doesn't take and
I get the red-letter note at bottom of page
from the Fool talking about their computers.
TMF has not responded except with form letter
auto stuff that says nothing.
Just want you to know I have not "walked away"
without a word and am totally mystified.
Thinking of you.

Mon 5 Nov 2001 04:03AM
Congratulations to Ezlington for winning
the latest competition!
With all best wishes,

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Tue 9 Oct 2001 09:02PM
The old place is holding up well under heavy attack. A fine rearguard action being carried out. But no-one remembered to pack the can opener. Are there any volunteers to go back for it?

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